Monday, July 15, 2013

Classin' up the closet: Organization & updated pictures

I am sure some of you have wondered where my little distressed diva has been hiding out lately, since you can't see her in any of the new pictures of our bedroom.

The truth is, I was starting to realize that I didn't have enough space in the room for her and for a bench at the end of the bed. So after I pulled my design self out of denial I tried to reconfigure where she could go. So she went to hang out in the closet for a day and just never came out. I simply couldn't imagine her not being a part of our bedroom makeover after all the work it took to get her looking snazzy. So the hubs & I decided to get the rest of the closet up to par with organization so she would not be the only one classin' up the joint. Check out where all of our clothes go to hang and our shoes go to rest.

It's important for us to hide the not so pretty items in bins and baskets because our bedroom opens up to our closet and you walk through it to get to the master bath. Since I was not wanting to spend too much money on baskets I stalked the aisles of  Marshalls & TJMaxx  (for the ones on top of the closet shelves) and sparingly purchased the amazingly stunning stripped bins from the Container Store.

I use the space on top of my dresser to house my jewelry that I wear daily along with my perfumes. I've been pretty pleased with the transition and I am so thankful to be able to still use the old dresser in our space (even though miss thang got quite a face lift).

So that's how my closet rolls these days. I hope you all had a very lovely weekend. 


  1. loving that dresser and those bins get idea, please pretty to look at

  2. What a dreamy closet! I love the dresser in there and all the bins and baskets. I'm glad you did this post, I had been wondering where that beautiful lady ended up! :)

  3. currently hunting tjmaxx and marshals! btw...painted almost the entire house in about 1.1 days woooooo (7 painters and a paint machine) ;) when does the hubs have time to look at cars and go to the park with all of these awesome projects?

    1. yay! So exciting about painting your house xoxoxo My hub's is on a very tight leash...hahahah just kidding! Beer, lots of beer ;.)

  4. What a beautiful closet. Did you make all the holders yourself? Show us the how to if so because it is great!

    1. Hi Lynda! There were not home made. I bought them. xoxoxo

  5. Thanks guys! you're all the best xoxo

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