Thursday, July 18, 2013

Showing my table who's boss: One awesome placemat at a time

Today is the Hub's 31st birthday, so I am spending it making a fantastically yummy DIY which I cannot wait to share with you guys tomorrow (which is an interesting adventure since our refrigerator stopped working yesterday-lucky me).
But for today, I wanted to share with you something I recently was given and now totally rocks my world. As you guys know by now, I have a total crush on Easton Place and I'll go ahead and admit that their custom paper placemats have me beyond smitten. I was sent some red, white, and blue beauties of my own this summer with a custom monogram. I used them for the fourth of July and I loved them. True story. It was not only easy for clean up but it also made the perfect graphic print for a make shift table runner. Here is a little sneaky peek of my favorite new outdoor must-have for entertaining.

I cannot tell you how many times I use them to eat outside for a "picnic" with the little guy. He also loves that he can color on the back of them at the end of the meal (trust me I will try anything to entertain a toddler when I am trying to finish my meal). So head on over to Easton Place and check them out. Patti not only sells twice as many in a set as other vendors but they're cheaper...shhhhh, don't tell our secret...okay, tell everyone!

See you lovelies tomorrow and don't forget I will be sharing an awesome DIY. Trust me, it will be a yummy way to end your week and fun to make for your next celebration! Double score.


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