Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Jewelry: More than a color crush

I cannot believe we are headed into the last weekend of July. Seriously?! Where is our summer going? I feel like soon it's going to be all about school supplies and fall fashion. And even though I can get down with some brown riding boots and cozy cashmere sweaters...I just can't help but love what summer means; daytime jammie wearing, camping, beach days, picnics, fresh strawberries, bike rides, and lots of little kid laughter. So as we go into our last weekend of July let's all try to embrace summer and hold on to it a bit longer. I will if you will.
But before I sign off for the weekend I wanted to share with you an awesome Jewelry company that I was introduced to called Fragments. It might as well be called eye candy, because that is exactly what it is. Their boutique is located in the SoHo neighborhood of New York city (but lucky enough for this West Coast gal I am able to order from their online shop). It's pretty amazing to think that this company was founded by Janet Goldman in 1984 after she noticed a lack of options in the accessory market and now she has over 5 dozen designers who contribute to a large gallery of fine and fashion jewelry. You go girl. Here are some of my favorite little dazzling gals that make me swoon.

Who wouldn't want a little of this bling around their neck or dangling from their ears? I know I do. So check them out and day dream with me about days where we will be all put together...rosy cheeks, not a hair out of place, no circles under our eyes and tall stilettos won't hurt out feet. We will be draped in jewels and sparkling from across the room. Oh yes ladies & gents...this day will happen. And when it does you can bet I will be posting pictures, haha.

Have a great weekend y'all! Now, who wants to go shopping? Mama needs some new earrings.
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