Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer photo backdrop: Fish Face & a sea monkey

  I must confess, I always have my camera around my neck or within an arms reach. I love capturing the simple moments because I find such beauty in the mundane. Our family walks, a bird in our garden, Olly playing with his toys...capturing these moments is like wrapping our daily lives up in a bow. And looking back at them is more precious than any gift I have ever received.
  I remember the first year of Oliver's life I was obsessed with photographing his tootsies. It was as if I was scared that his precious, porcelain-like toes would soon turn into stinky teenage boy feet and I wouldn't be able to remember how small they used to be. Time with your kiddos really does fly by and before I know it those tiny feet will be leaving the house to stand on their own. So whenever I get the chance to chronicle my boys growth and personality, I go for it. I get all giddy and can't wait to upload and edit what seem like such treasures to me. Nerdy, I know. 
 So in the spirit of summer & the 4th of July, I decided to have some fun with some nautical themed paper from Paper Source & use it as a backdrop to chronicle this summer of his life. I asked him what a fish looked like, a sea monkey, and to "strike a pose"...these were the images I got. Priceless. Pure 2 year old boy awesomeness.

I'm one lucky Momma. If wealth was measured in pictures...I would be a millionaire. 


  1. tooooo freakin cute! good job on the backdrop ;)

  2. Truly awesome! (Dentist's office has wi-fi! Woohoo!)

  3. I LOVE this paper! I wish it was a fabric! How cute would this pattern look as drapes or a throw pillow!?!??!!?


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