Friday, August 16, 2013

Crossing off the list: Renter's edition

When we went from owning our own house in Baltimore to renting in California one of the things I was the most sad about was the now obvious lack of control and freedom that I would have when decorating our space. However, I was shocked when it seemed that my to-do lists did not stop once deciding to rent. (This is where the Hubs would agree with me & most likely roll his eyes in a loving and supportive fashion.) In fact, I think our lists have just gotten more fun because I get to concentrate on investing in the "fluff & icing" of a room as well as on good classic pieces of furniture. Temporarily saying goodbye to projects involving counter tops, back splashes, landscaping, & more permanent alterations to the home. No biggie. I can deal. So I sat down this week and started trying to cross things off my to-do list one of which is changing out the art work in the hallway. I loved the gallery wall before... however, little hands touched the lower hanging pictures and the constant tilt of frames was somewhat driving me crazy. (Like up in the middle of the night-combing the fringe on my rug kind of crazy). So I opted for two larger scaled pictures. So this week I baby stepped into crossing some things off the list and I started with the hallway.

Frames $19.99 each from Homegoods Prints only $3 from Nations Photo Lab

The rest of the list awaits for me....I can't wait to knock some of these projects out.

1. Purchase or make curtains for master bedroom & Oliver's room
2. Make Oliver's duvet cover for his toddler bed
3. Paint Oliver's bed
4. Install huge art project
5. Relocate mantle from his room
6. Art work for the master bedroom
7. Polka dot wallpaper art project
8. Come up with a TV solution
9. Switch out rug in the living room
10. Rearrange the art in the dining room
11. Make a more impressive entry way
12. Change the art work in the hallway
13. Make a fun "star night light" for Olly's room 
14. Repaint Oliver's dresser

What kinds of projects are you guys getting ready to tackle? Anyone else find that you still have a to-do list even though you rent? Never ending. 

See you lovelies on Monday... I am spending the weekend with some banana pudding, paper mache, & quite possibly some polka dot wall paper. It should be interesting.


  1. right now, my big project is a NURSERY! baby w. arrives sometime in october. he's our first, so we are ecstatic. decorating his nursery has been so much fun!

  2. My big project is my entryway busy combing yard sales and craigslist looking for a console table or cool retro like buffet
    to fit in the space


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