Monday, August 26, 2013

Horsin' around in the dining room

Thanks to the movie Pitch Perfect I not only spent the last few days singing 'I Saw The Sign' in my head on repeat, but I also walked around all weekend remixing songs in my brain for my fictional a Capella group. In this said group I sing lead wearing cute little outfits and making fun hand gestures. Seriously, a true story.
I also used my time the past few days to start working on more changes to Oliver's room. He is going to be three years old in October (which sort of makes me want to throw up) and it is time for a bit of a change. Mostly because I am obsessed with designing children's spaces & because no one in my house tells me no.
The first step was to remove the beloved horse painting from his room. In fact, it was the most expensive thing we bought for his nursery a few years ago but it was a purchase the Hubs and I could justify because we knew the painting could be moved to other places in our house. And since these days we find ourselves surrounded by horses and the beauty of country cottage living (which you see all over my Instagram) we thought it fitting to relocate our favorite canvas to the dining room.

I am kind of in love with it. What are your thoughts? Yay, or nayyyyyyyy?! (Sorry I couldn't resist some type of a horse pun). With that, happy Monday folks and all my happy thoughts go out to all the teachers and kiddos starting school this week.


  1. I love it in there! To be honest, the horse on the table feels a bit much with the artwork(please take that comment in the manner its meant to be said-I'm not being snarky; just my honest opinion). Cant wait to see what you do in the little man's room. Anything you touch turns to gold:)

    1. No worries I appreciate the honesty ;.) it's just this little guy has lived on our dining room table since Baltimore and it jus doesn't feel like home without him at dinner lol. However, I will keep my design brain open to possible relocations.

  2. YAY ALL THE WAY! if I accumulate enough airmiles to fly you to Canada will you design every room in my house? oh and didn I mention I just quit my job so you'll have a budget of $100/room. LOL. lurve you.

  3. Great colour scheme, so moody and delicious!

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