Monday, August 5, 2013

Our weekend: A little work but still time for play

Welcome back Monday, you ole' son of a gun...said no one ever. However, I am super excited to see all of you precious peeps!
I had a great weekend starting on Friday night getting drinks with my gal pal & laughing it up and indulging on a few bites of bread pudding. And the weekend ended on a high-note with an episode of Dexter and stuffed peppers for dinner. Yum! However, it wasn't all play this weekend. There are a few changes happening at our casa this week (which I will touch on in an upcoming post) and needless to say, it was time we got the little man's toys organized and purged. Unfortunately for the Hubs, the professional organizer in me never stays dormant for too long.

Each year we do a major clean out before Olly's birthday (in October). We know that new toys and the addition of a new fall wardrobe in his closet are quickly weaseling there way into our lives. We try and bag our way to freeing up some space. The journey always starts with a feeling of disbelief with all that has been collected and ends with a since of accomplishment after donations are made and trash is dumped. This weekend was that weekend. I only spent $45 on a closet made unit from Target to match his existing built-ins. As well as some wooden pant hangers to match his other existing hangers. I recycled bins and boxes. Cleaned out the clutter and now I feel like this mama can breathe again.

In my attempt to show the necessity of such events, I did snap a few photos of what came out of the closet. I always tell myself in the midst of a room covered in "things" that is has to get worse before it can ever get better.

I told you it was bad. But no worries...we showed it who was boss.

A few hours well spent. And now there is so much more space for him to play in his room because all of his toys have a place in his closet. Our small house lends itself to living with less.

So what did you do this weekend? Did you battle any closet demons? Also...I want to send a HUGE congrats to DAWN for winning the 'No Worries' bracelet giveaway from last week. 

I will see you hotties tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you!!! I'm so excited about winning the bracelet. I look forward to wearing it ~ know you're inspiring to me in so many ways.


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