Friday, August 9, 2013

Silly socks to Grumpy Bunny

I am always looking for a fun project for the little man. But lately it seems my focus has been on a lot of my friends who are having babies. I wanted to try and practice making something fun to give to the sweet little bundles of joy that would be easy to ship and easy on the wallet. So with a little needle & thread, some stuffing and a fun pair of UN-used socks from target ($2.50)...used socks, gross....I was inspired to make a fabulous crib pal.
I've seen a lot of different sock inspired critters all over Pinterest and thought I might give it a whirl. I was able to come up with my own bunny design. Three days of on and off hand sewing later and this little guy was born. He turned out looking a little grumpy. But I must admit, his grumpiness sort of makes me smile. How creepy of me, I know.

I'd like to think grumpy bunny is only so grumpy because it started raining while he was flying a kite. Needless to say, this is not the usual DIY on the ole' blog and I can pretty much guarantee that I have no clue what I am doing when I am sewing. I even hesitate to call it that. I'd prefer to say I "stick myself with a needle & pray everything holds together", true story.

But here is the story of how a pair of silly socks became grumpy bunny.

I used the first tube sock to create the head, ears, and torso by cutting it into pieces like this:

I then use the second sock to create the legs and arms. Both of which I trimmed a bit smaller once I decided how long I wanted my bunnies legs and arms to be. I also used scrap pieces to create a small tail.

I hand sewed and stuffed each piece separately before stitching them all together. I stitched a face on the head before I sewed it closed. Don't forget to turn the pieces inside out to stitch. Here is a sample of the arm:

I literally figured it out stitch by stitch as I went, which was what sort of made it fun.

I think the next one I make is going to involve  a rattle or "bell" inside it for a sweet baby Boy...but for now my little guy is having some fun with his own grumpy bunny. Not bad for less than $3.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend...what projects are you going to try and tackle?


  1. Courtney, (sorry, not related to this adorable bunny but...) you look amazing! Have a nice weekend, and good for you for taking more time to yourself. -Sarah

    1. Thank you so very much sweet girl. xoxoxo

  2. totally love grumpy bunny! makes me smile too thinking of taking grumpy bunny to the cafeteria lunch table with mom's lunch notes ;)

  3. This is just about the cutest DIY I've ever seen! Absolutely adorable! Your craftiness never ceases to amaze me. :)

  4. Thanks sweet girl! Your little one is going to need one ;.) xoxoxo

  5. I found out three weeks ago we're having a baby girl! :) She'll definitely need her own little grumpy bunny to drag around.

  6. Um this is ah-mazing! Love it, can't handle it. Way to be!


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