Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Two for one DIY day

What a treat today is! You're getting the best two for one deal around. I want to send out a huge welcome to any first time visitors. If you aren't already familiar with my favorite gal Taylor Urban, then you are missing out on some serious blog action. We decided to team up today for a little summer project DIY for the kiddos.

 First up is my little budget friendly star light that the Hubs and I recently made for the little man's room. It seriously cost us $15 because we had some of the supplies already. Here is what you will need for this special light project:

Strong glue (we used superglue gel)
Two pieces of foam Board (purchased from the dollar store)
An X-acto knife
A bit of spray paint
One package of outdoor lights

And here is how we made this shiny beast. *And don't worry these are not my man hands pictured. I would like to a moment to thank the Hubs for his hand modeling. 

In Publisher we made a star and scaled it to the size of one piece of the foam board. It took us 6 pieces of paper taped together to make our pattern. We then plotted out the points onto one of the foam boards by indenting small holes using a drill bit at each point. Creating a "dot to dot" of our image onto the foam board.

Using an X-acto knife we cut out the star and used pieces from the second foam board to create side pieces and glued them around the star. This created a lip for the lights to be surrounded by.

After the glue dried over night we spray painted our little pointy friend with some left over grey spray paint. I find Rustoleum to give the best coverage. The we used a drill bit to poke holes through the star to feed the lights through and clipped them to each other onto the back with the clips enclosed in the light box. We purchased our lights at Target on sale for $10. We then plugged them into an extension cord which we painted the color of the wall so it would blend in. The last step is to simply hang it.

It's soft glow really turned out beautiful & beats the price tag of some of the ones I have seen in stores.

But don't think this DIY party train stops here. Head on over to visit Taylor & check out these foxy friends.

Thanks so much for sharing some awesome DIY love with my readers rock my world!
So what do you guys think? Do you love these projects as much as I do? Can't wait to see you lovelies on Friday.


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