Thursday, August 1, 2013

we are all perfectly imperfect: my confessions

I have this amazing blog Pal Sara k! I'm pretty sure we'd be bff's if she didn't live in Canada. Aside from loving her gorgeous red locks I adore her whit and hilarious personality. She writes a series on her blog called Confessions. Whenever I read it my stomach is pained from laughter and most moments are spent with me whispering "me too" or "you go girl" under my breath.
So I thought it might be fun to have a confessions post of my own. Either because I think you might get a kick out of knowing my personal life in's & out's or because your judgment might straighten me up. Either way, you benefit. So let's indulge in my imperfections shall we?

1. My child doesn't know that syrup exists. Pancakes are simply light & fluffy stacks of carbs. Sad but true. This ensures that he will probably run away from home after his first overnight sleep over where a real mom serves pancakes... with syrup. I'll probably just take him to Ihop & smooth it over.

2. I try to somewhat match our outfits when we leave the house. You just never know when there might be a photo op.

3. I make everyone in my house spray the toilet down with foaming bleach cleaner after they use it so that I selfishly never have to scrub it. Everyone benefits from a happy potty.

4. Oliver thinks using a magic eraser on the doors and the base boards is a game. The whole time I'm thinking, "yep. I'm the winner".

5. I pick all the chocolates and raisins out of trail mix and pretend I'm also eating all of the healthy bird food nuts, berries, and seeds. Who really needs the other stuff anyway?

6. I've taught my son to call sodas "yuck" so I look like an awesome health-conscious mom in public.

7. I threaten the hubs if he comes home and messes up "my office" which is our house...then I will be showing up the next day to throw everything on and around his desk onto the floor and then walk out. I think he believes me.

8. I have this obsession with watching the movie No one Would Tell with Fred Savage & Candace Cameron. I watch is multiple times a year. This makes the hubs roll his eyes. I have recently found out they make it on DVD and I can buy it on amazon. This excites me beyond words.

9. I like to go online and add lots of items to my cart and then not buy them. This presents itself to be a problem when a few weeks later I find myself looking for an item I thought I bought, but really didn't. Epic fail.

10. I often times sport a cap. Not because I am overly school spirited (GO Sooners) or because I want to look all sporty and athletic. It's because this home-girl didn't wash her hair. Yep. Pull it off at your own risk.

11. Even though I am not particularly fond of the dentist my best friend in the entire world is an amazing dentist in Florida. #totallyironic #thanksAlanis

12. As shown above, I am obsessed with hash-tags. #ioverusethem #theymakemesmile

So there you have it. A few fun confessions. I want to say another huge thank you to Sara for the blogspiration. She knocks my socks off and I'm pretty sure I adore her more than a lap full of chocolates while watching a Dexter marathon. True story.

So now it's your turn. I want to hear your confessions. Pretty please?!


  1. hahah All this stuff is hilarious I mostly like number 1, 3, 6, and 7 but my favs that I relay to has to be number 9. I do that all the time and then, I'm all upset because it hasn't arrived

  2. what's the foaming bleach you use?? I have a weird germ-a-phob with toilets. I think I would become BFFs with that product!! LOL!!

    1. It is Clorox bathroom bleach foamer. It's amazingly wonderful lol

  3. I about busted a gut when I read #8! I just have two words for you. ME TOO! LOL!

    1. It's so ridiculous isn't it? I love it lol

  4. are you kidding me with this?! you.are.da.bomb. I need to find that movie ASAP - never heard of it, but if it's a favourite of yours than I'll love it fo sho. I wish I looked good in hats and was good at keeping a tidy house #teachme #bestbloggingfriendsforlife

    1. Hahaha Sweet Sara! The movie is so cheesy. I watched it in health class to cover the topic of domestic abuse lol but I just can't look away. It comes on lifetime a few times a year. It's embarrassing how much I love some Fred savage in a wrestling uniform and some Candace Caron bob haircut. Truth! Lol love ya!

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