Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting lost: finding a way to say yes when I wanted to say no

Today is not a normal posting day, but what can I say...I missed y'all. I promise tomorrow will be the fox mask DIY but today I wanted to show some of my favorite recent images.

For those who follow me on Instagram you know this summer has been full of adventures for me. I have made a point to say "yes" instead of "no" to trying new and different things. And all I can say is that is has been amazing and worth every 'uncomfortable and out of my comfort zone' moment. I have learned how to shoot pool, gone to the local Old Western saloon in town (yes such place exists). Hit farmer's markets, traveled to the Bahamas, tried new restaurants, played ping pong with strangers (who are now fun friends). I have gone to music shows and concerts and gotten lost in the West Marin music scene. We have gone to the circus, visited beaches and even looked at the stars until 4 a.m, all while making a bunch of amazing new friends. It really has been one of the best summers of my adult life. 

As it comes to a close I have been trying to snap every picture I can to remember every part of it...the hikes, the gorgeous flowers, the huckleberry picking...every sweet moment. Here are some of my favorite images since you guys weren't able to come along with me. Which would have been the only thing that could have made this summer better. 

Berries, garden roses, precious Eli dog & moss covered trees and being quiet in the middle of the forest....does it really get much better?

What adventures have you gone on this summer? Has saying yes paid off for you as huge as it has for me? I am forever a changed gal. 

See you lovelies tomorrow. It will be fox mask DIY time fo' sho! 

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