Friday, September 20, 2013

Staying busy: Thankful for the chaos & even Psy

Well hello there you crazy kids! Who's ecstatic that it's Friday? This has by far been a very challenging week. Don't get me wrong I've loved every little minute of it, but some days I wish I had two of me. One that could be running around like the crazy person I resemble these days and one of me that could just be sleeping. Ahhh to look like a well rested gal again. Can't say I'd miss the dark eye circles or the disheveled hair, but I digress. Or how cool would it be if I could channel a Zack Morris moment & Just yell, "Time Out" and have the rest of the world stand still....Oh to be 14 again and swooning over that heartthrob. 

Between having family come to visit, volunteering for the Parks Association, and making it to go see Tommy Castro on Sunday (dusting off my dance shoes for that one) I have enough to keep me busy this weekend. However, I have been testing out a delicious Apple Spice Muffin recipe that I will be sharing on the blog on Monday. So get your taste buds ready so we can do the yummy in your tummy dance (which exists around kitchens across America, I promise). 

I hope you all have a great weekend kicking off Fall. I would like to send a HUGE birthday girl shout out to my precious mama, as well as a huge thank you to the 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' Website for featuring me this week. 

..And as further indication of my dwindling ability to make smart decisions these days, let me show you exhibit 'A'.

I allowed my kiddo to pick out his own clothes for picture day at school. He chose Psy. I didn't even fight him on it. I put this under the hashtag #yesthisjusthappened.

I hope you lovelies have a great weekend and I can't wait to exchange recipes on Monday.


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