Wednesday, October 9, 2013

All jacked up on Halloween: Creeptastic holiday decor

Thank you guys for the sweet comments and emails about the farm to table dinner the other day. With that project now completed I have been able to shift gears and focus on Halloween & the little man's birthday. Today I'm super pumped to show you the way casa de Schutz is looking these days. It's all jacked up on Halloween with a side of spooktacular and I absolutely love it. As I was finishing putting the last bit of decorations out the other evening I literally swallowed glitter. True story. And when I look around all I see is black & orange ...that's how I know October has arrived & I wouldn't have it any other way. So here is a little lookieloo at the inside of the house.

Be still my skeleton & witch loving heart. I feel like I am living in a Halloween obsessed gals dream. Pumpkins, bats, Oh my! Other than trying to keep Olly from eating the fake candy every few minutes, it feels like perfection.

I know I am Halloween crazy...but what about you lovelies? Does this creeptastic holiday make you as giddy for the eerie and spooky as well? Tell me I'm not alone.

See y'all on Friday with birthday shenanigans.


  1. Obsessed!!!!! It looks sooooo good Courtney! I'm always amazed at all the figurines you get your hands on! I'm super jealous! For some fun I came across this great shop online that sells all kinds of vintage looking figurines for all holidays ( look around! It'll feed your Halloween obsession. I've also ordered from them before and its always great so I recommend! xo, Kayleigh

  2. Adorable! Your Halloween collection is amazing . . . absolutely love all the color. Love how you display it. It was a treat to peek :O) Sandy

  3. Thanks ladies! I am so glad I get to share my collection with everyone and pretend that I'm normal. HAHA!

  4. i love how excited you get for your fave month. awesome! is your collection growing?

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