Friday, October 11, 2013

Oliver's pumpkin patch extravaganza: Turning 3

Dig out your party shoes guys & gals because it's Friday!!! And to make it even better it's the Friday of a three day weekend.

Even though this was a very fun and exciting week for my little family I'm glad the weekend has arrived. Oliver Tate turned 3 on Wednesday and it was a birthday to remember. We went to the pumpkin patch (as we have done every year since he was born) and we celebrated with pumpkins, tractors, hay climbing, and cake! We had a little party at school with his friends and indulged in orange creamsicle cupcakes with chocolate icing...and we ended the night with chocolate pumpkin patch cake with a side of giggles and the sugar jitters (because we just couldn't sit still).

Here is a little peek at the cake, goody bags, pumpkin patch, and my little pumpkin king on his big boy birthday.

Now can you see why I am one tired mama? Between wrapping up the farm to table dinner & celebrating my little guy...I am pooped. I look forward to embracing the relaxation part of my weekend so I can get ready for some magazine photo shoots next week.

What are you guys doing this weekend? Pumpkin patch? Cake baking? Dancing? Napping? Help this nosy gal out and spill it. *And don't worry no mustaches were harmed in the celebrating of all things Olly & let's give it up for the little man who poses JCrew style with his hands in his pockets. I love it. 


  1. What a Cutie Pie!! Coolest cake ever looks like a great time. We are headed to a fall fest. at our church
    and a hot rod car show downtown action packed weekend over here

  2. I love your creative pumpkin patch cake. It looks like you had a great celebration. It is hard to believe my oldest turns 4 in March and my youngest will be 3 in June. I am already planning their cakes. Thanks for the inspiration. By the way, where did you get the "Birthday Boy" shirt?

  3. Super cute! Where did you get the adorable birthday boy shirt?!

  4. Super cute! Where did you get the adorable birthday boy shirt?!

  5. he looks so grown up and soooo GQ. you, olly, and the hubs are amazing! climbing on hay is always so awesome....and itchy!!!! btw....we didn't get a 3 day weekend :( but glad you did!

  6. Happy Birthday to Olly! My son shares the same birthday and we usually go to the pumpkin patch for his birthday as well! Love the cake- so creative!

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