Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 we may already need to break up: Please help

I'm not gonna sugar coat it...2014 has already been a tough year, almost more than I have been able to handle at times (and we aren't even in February). I tell myself daily that all the crappy stuff is happening now so that amazing things can be embraced and created throughout the rest of the year. Here's hoping!
 I don't normally reach out on the ole blog for help in supporting my community, but today I am absolutely reaching out to all of you. My friend Ron and his family have already been dealt a huge challenge this year and their four year old son has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. It breaks my heart to think of any little one being sick and fighting for their life. Especially, when these are the days that he should be playing with cars, running outside, making messes, and laughing with his sister. As a Mom to a three year old myself, it sends me into panic and makes me hug Olly every five minutes. My community is trying to get the word out and come together to help raise money for what is being told is a year worth of chemotherapy and radiation for Zeke, which we all know can be a financial burden. If you guys could pray your hearts out, make a donation, or even just spread the word I would be forever grateful.

For more information on precious Ezequiel visit his website and please give your kiddos some extra love today.


  1. He and his family will be in our prayers.

  2. praying hard for him and the family.

  3. How upsetting, Many prayers for him and his family


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