Friday, January 10, 2014

Ain't nothing slim about this Shady

A huge virtual hug is being sent out to all of you...the Winnie the Pooh kind. Yes, it's a real thing. The kindness, love, and support you have all shown through instagram, email, and blog post comments has been much needed, appreciated and very unexpected. So many of you have opened up to me and embraced me during this time and I cannot be more thankful and at peace. So thank you again.

As for today, I thought it would be fun to show you what I have been up to in the little guys room. Some curtains have gone up (which can sometimes be used to help build forts....just sayin') and his old horse lamp received a bit of sprucing. Not to mention, the vintage inspired fox mask I made him last fall has now found a home (at least until the wallpaper wall goes up). 

So here is a lookieloo as to how things are hanging these days. Let's get a bit shady with it, shall we?

Oliver is now asking me for a "green room" which has my mind spinning with ideas and I am trying to think up something fun to do to his bed, future duvet cover, and possibly even his dresser. Here's hoping that this mama can make the color green 'work it' in this small space. Why couldn't he just love pink or orange? That would be soooo much easier for me...I digress

The lamp went gold with rub-n-buff and inherited a new shade from Target. The mask was hung with some ribbon and some of his other art was put away (for another day) to consolidate the art wall. The curtains which once lived in the Bathroom and were originally purchased at West Elm, made a bold move to his room to help block out the cold and give a hint of pattern. 

He seems to like the changes, but let's be honest...his new dump truck from his Nini and marble set from Santa is what really matters, not his decor. 

So what do you guys think? How should I bring in more green for my lil' monster?

See you lovelies next week. Have a fantatsic weekend with your families and be kind to one another.  


  1. Love this room! All of the texture and stripes are just amazing. The details on that painted dresser are great. It must have taken forever to paint it, but it looks stunning. Such a fun room!

  2. I love your curtain choice! From where did you buy these?


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