Friday, January 17, 2014

playing with paint: watercolor garland DIY

Happy Friday to all of you fine looking lovelies! I have a fun garland DIY I did this week while working on party decorations for an upcoming project I have. I started playing around with watercolors (which by the way is as addicting as playing with bubble wrap-not that I have a bubble wrap addiction). I was pretty excited about the result and couldn't wait to share the steps with you guys, which are super easy. I used basic watercolors I had lying around in the little man's art stash, watercolor paper (which I purchased at the craft store), scissors, a decorative hole punch as well as tape and twine.

I literally spent the morning playing around with the color combinations and found the painting quite cathartic. Who knew. I am hoping to use them next week with a Valentine inspired cake topper idea I have living inside the noggin that is just dying to come out. For now, these little strands of color make me happy just to look at them.

Which is good because I will be spending the weekend in bed and could use all the bright inspiration I can get. Later today I will be having surgery. It is very minor but necessary and I would appreciate any positive thoughts you could send my way. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend. I cannot wait to share more fun projects on the ole' blog next week. The creativity is starting to make it's way back ladies. Thank goodness. 


  1. Hope all went well with your procedure.


  3. So pretty! May i ask how you did the stringing?
    Also, how big are the pieces produced by the paper punch?

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