Thursday, January 30, 2014

You are loved: get your giveaway love on

February is quickly approaching and the day made for lovers will soon be here. Yay for chocolate! I know it makes some people want to cry and some people want to jump up and down. Some want to smooch it out and some want to run for the hills, but I think it's a fun way to celebrate the simple beauty of loving all the people in our lives. And the amazing people at Toby & Max also want to spread the love with a fun giveaway, that is just in time for Valentine's Day. 

This beautiful You are Loved pendant is up for grabs and I must say it registers pretty high on the adorbs meter. 

Here's how to get this stunning necklace to add to your collection: 
Leave a comment telling the sweetest Valentine's date or surprise you have ever had (along with your email address so you can be contacted if you are the winner)

Contest ends Sunday February 2nd at midnight EST. The winner will be selected by and announced next week.  (US residents only please).
*And while you're at it, take a moment to peruse Toby & Max for other jewelry awesomeness.

Good luck to all of those who enter and thanks again to Toby & Max whom I LOVE. You guys are better than the tallest, thickest and gooiest layered chocolate cake. Word.

 I hope you have a lovely day and all go fourth and indulge in cake. Get yo' forks ready girls! 


  1. last year on valentine's day, i woke up to a decorated dining room full of balloons, streamers, and flowers. my husband had gotten up a few hours before i did to surprise me! it was a sweet way to start the day, and i kept the decorations up for a whole week because they made me so happy.

  2. My husband does really good cards for valentines day. Yeah it's not grand but it's thoughtful :)

  3. I told my husband last year I didn't want anything except a love letter. He thought I was so corny, but he ended up writing me the most beautiful note ever. It was the best thing he has ever given me.

  4. My husband and I first met right before Valentine's Day when we were in college. I stressed and stressed about what to get him that year because I wasn't sure if we were officially dating. I eventually sent my bestie out to do the job of shopping for me. Early on Valentine's Day, I had just returned to my room from the shower (living in the dorm) and he was knocking on my door with roses. It was so sweet!

  5. my husband always leaves out a card and flowers for me along with a fun gift card on valentine's day morning and then send cupcakes to me during the day! He way knows the way to my heart!

  6. My date took me on a little scavenger treasure hunt and then into the city to stay at this luxurious hotel and spa for the weekend!

  7. Two years ago my husband surprised me by getting calla lilies delivered to my office, it was only the second time out of the eight years we were together that he has surprised me with flowers! My email is ashelybelldavis at gmail dot com.

  8. Heart shaped cookies and dinner by candlelight :)

  9. Last Valentines day, my roommate and I had both secretly planned to surprise each other. We were both single and had bought each other flowers and candy. It was so funny when we went to present our gifts to the other because neither of us was expecting anything!

  10. My best surprise was last year, when I found out that morning I was expecting our second little boy. What a day to be in love! We celebrated over a delicious dinner.

  11. Handmade cards are the way my heart.

  12. May be too late for the giveaway, best was the year my hubby surprised me with a day trip to San Francisco - we live in Texas!!! He arranged for someone to watch our kids while we jetted off to California for the day and took the red-eye back home in time to get the kids the next morning.....Wonderful day!!!


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