Monday, June 16, 2014

Together in the Kitchen: Chocolate Banana Bread Happy

By the end of our weekend I looked over and saw the boy cuddled up on the couch, tucked under his blanket and swept away by the lure of The Incredibles. I realized I hadn't done much to truly spend quality time with him. With a twinge of sadness I looked around and spotted some banana's past their prime and on their way out to the fruit graveyard. An impromptu baking session was called for. After a good scrub of our hands, a preheat of the oven and a gather of  ingredients we spent an hour together laughing, baking, and making a little bit of a mess. HE LOVED IT! Let's be honest. Other than the clean up and aftermath, I loved it too.

Meet our delicious creation,  Double Chocolate Banana Bread. Why Chocolate you ask? Because in this house chocolate is the man and banana is his trusty sidekick. 

You bet your bottom we ate this guy warm & it was incredibly delicious. Since it had bread in the recipe title  it didn't make me feel as badly about the crazy calories....I did however, add a dollop of Sour cream and a teaspoon of Molasses to the recipe. This made the flavor and texture To. Die. For. 

A huge shout out to the Smitten Kitchen for such a drool inducing recipe. It made a quite lovely end to an otherwise blah weekend. 



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